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The choice and use of furniture board laminating press
Mar 28, 2018

When it comes to the rational choice of furniture board laminating press, the first factor to consider is the area of the laminator. To choose an area with strong compatibility, at the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to this way of opening, appearance, etc. Keep as many machines as possible. After the selection, after the manufacturer's instructions, go to the work of installation and debugging, and enter the normal production use.


After the furniture board laminating press enters the working state, the laminator can enter the working state. In terms of this operating procedure, the first step is to press the vacuum pump push button, followed by attention to check the process parameters, check whether the temperature reaches the set value, and then should pay attention to check that this work status is automatic Or manual.


The operation of the furniture plate laminator must pay attention to set the automatic state, check whether the vacuum pump is short of oil, wait until it is put into the lamination assembly and then close the lid. Next, it is necessary to pay attention to the degree of vacuum, and then You should also remove the components and check the components. Under the condition that all processes are normal, the laminator will enter normal working condition.


The shutdown operation of the furniture laminator is the first step to shut down everything. To ensure that it is not mishandled by non-operators, emergency buttons should be included in the shutdown range. The operating procedure is vacuum pump shutoff and closing (the lid does not need to be tight). Afterwards, it is necessary to turn off the heat, turn off the power, press the emergency button to close the main brake, or press the emergency button master switch.


About the use of furniture board laminating press parking for a period of time means: After the furniture laminator is parked for a period of time, it must be started in accordance with the normal procedure, it can not be put into the battery panel, it must first go to the empty machine to run two cycles, Next, it is necessary to remove the water vapor absorbed by the machine before it can be used normally, and this is also to ensure the quality of the furniture laminator.

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