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The difference between full automatic lamination press and semi-automatic machines
Apr 25, 2018

Full automatic lamination press consist of multiple cascades, which generally include feed tables, laminating tables, and discharge tables. For some special assemblies, five cascades or even more operating levels are required. carry out. The automatic laminating machine can be docked with the production line, eliminating many manual steps and improving the work efficiency of the component lamination.


As far as the semi-automatic laminator is concerned, there are no problems with several cascades. Its primary structure is a laminating station. Both the feeding and discharging processes require manual completion, and the other is semi-automatic lamination. Machine can not be docked with the production line.


In fact, the semi-automatic laminator and the full automatic lamination press are no different in the lamination effect of the components, and the main difference is in the automation degree of the device. For the selection of equipment, whether it is an automatic laminator or a semi-automatic laminator, it depends on the company's production scale.


Under normal circumstances, the company's large-scale grouping will use fully automatic laminating machines, because it is more time-efficient, but for some small-scale manufacturers, the basic purchase of two fully automatic at the same time with a semi-automatic, so that the purchase cost It is also lower.


In comparison, full automatic lamination presses have a higher degree of automation, so the processes are automated, saving manpower and improving efficiency. Only need to power the automatic laminator, turn on the power switch, the device can set different temperature, time and pressure according to different materials, and automatically complete the lamination process.

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