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The function and technical characteristics of the horizontal one step impregnaton line
Aug 29, 2018

In the entire production line, the main function and function of the horizontal one step impregnaton line is to carry out one-side back coating, breathing and one-time immersion extrusion on the impregnated material. The machine adopts 3S roller mode to increase the traction of the paper, and is equipped with two φ200 drive dip rolls. In addition, it is equipped with high-precision metering rolls to ensure the impregnation quality of the horizontal one-time impregnation machine.


In the process of manufacturing and manufacturing horizontal one step impregnaton line, the CNC machining center and high-precision surface grinding machine are used for high-precision bearing housings. The surface is galvanized. The gap adjustment of the measuring roller is adjusted by high-precision wedge-shaped slider. Digital display function and can be adjusted through the touch screen.


In the structural composition of the horizontal one step impregnaton line, the scraping device automatically tracks the scraping position through the screw rod, and the rubber tank adopts the synchronous lifting of the oil cylinder, which can be conveniently pulled out and cleaned, the rubber tank has a sandwich layer, and the glue is ensured after the hot water is passed. The bottom of the slot does not bulge. That is to say, in addition to the horizontal one-time impregnator metering roller, all the rollers are high-precision steel rollers, heightened breathing racks, and the breathing roller can be lifted up and down, easy to wear paper, double back coating, double breathing function to effectively adjust the penetration. Paper that is not working well. Increase the trimming function on both sides and select the trimming according to different papers.

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