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The main advantages of the dual 7x9 furniture board press
Oct 24, 2018

The dual 7x9 furniture board press has excellent performance and reliable quality, and is trusted by users. This press is also widely used to suppress a variety of furniture plates, such as solid board, multi-layer solid wood board, solid wood finger joint board, integrated board, particle board, multi-layer board, blockboard, large core board, etc. Cover the veneer of melamine dipped paper.


Due to the different types of sheets and veneers, the double 7x9 furniture board presses require different holding times during production operations and can be controlled by adjusting the cylinder stroke distance and holding time. One of the advantages of the machine is that after the main frame is pressed and welded, the aging treatment is carried out, the internal uneven stress is eliminated, and the service life of the press frame is significantly improved.


Secondly, the frame structure of the dual 7x9 furniture board press has a longer service life, and the strength and fatigue life are improved, which makes the frame life last longer. Moreover, after the system is upgraded, the running noise is reduced and the failure rate of the device is reduced.

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