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The main features of the full function test press and typical samples
Apr 28, 2018

Full function test press is usually used in the process of operation to achieve its tensile or compression static test mode in a single test stand, to a certain extent, also known as tensile tester, universal test press The types of tests that can be performed include tensile, compression, shear, flexure, peeling, tearing, cycle and bending tests. The maximum strength, modulus of elasticity, constant compressive strength, constant load and elongation of non-metallic materials can be determined according to user requirements. Long, yield strength and so on.

Full function test press main features

1. A full set of compact and high-rigidity double-column frames for universal test presses.

2. The universal type test press imports two high-precision ball screws with precision preload.

3. The universal type test press can import the high-precision tension and pressure bi-directional load sensor with effective automatic identification function.

4. A set of digital open-loop or closed-loop controllers with multiple languages and units that can be switched.

5. A portable remote control for convenient and quick operation.

Full function test press typical sample

Plastic film, rubber, fine metal wire, fiber and thin wire, aluminum foil, copper foil, PV ribbon, solar panel, biomaterial, polymer material, adhesive, packing tape, infusion tube, stapler, foam material, Pharmaceutical industry, packaging, paper products, elasticity, wood products, etc.

The deformation test accuracy of the universal test press is within ±1% of the set value when the set value is <10% FS, and is within ±0.1% of the set value when the set value is ≥10% FS. Table lifting device: Fast/slow two speed controls can be moved.

The test bench safety device of the universal test press is mainly electronic limit protection to a certain extent. The test stand returns: Manually returns to the test initial position at the highest speed, automatically returns after the test is completed, and automatically stops at the test set time. Definite deformation automatic parking, test fixed-load automatic parking.

The full function test press has overload protection to a certain extent. When it is operating, it exceeds its maximum load by 10%. Automatic protection, automatic diagnosis function, overload the measuring system and drive system at regular time, overvoltage, overcurrent, overload Waiting for inspections, abnormalities will occur immediately.

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