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The main process flow of floor paper impregnation line
Oct 18, 2018

The floor paper impregnation line is a secondary processing equipment in the production process of flooring paper and the like, and the device can be applied to the immersion coating drying of the laminate flooring paper, balance paper, wear-resistant paper, etc. in the wood-based panel industry. The floor paper impregnation line is mainly composed of an uncoiler, dip-coating, drying, drawing, paper cutting, stacking paper lifting platform and the like.


The main process flow of the floor paper impregnation line is as follows: the raw material is transferred from the uncoiler through the paper feed roller to the back coating roller for back coating, and after one dipping, squeezing, smoothing, and then entering the oven section for drying and cooling, after one correction After being coated by the secondary coating machine on both sides, and then double-smoothing, and then into the secondary oven section for drying, after the cooling, the paper is automatically corrected by the detection mechanism of the analyzer, and the offset of the paper is automatically corrected. Under the traction and cooling of the traction roller, the paper cutter is fed into the paper cutter for high-precision paper cutting, and finally stacked by the lifting platform.


In the operation of the floor paper dipping line, the running speed of each unit can be set as needed. The speed of the relevant unit can usually be adjusted depending on the impregnation paper force. The main electric drive parts are: unwinding motor, paper feed roller motor, rubber roller motor, smoothing roller motor, traction chain motor and cutter motor. The above motors are suitable for inverter control.

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