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The role and significance of train carriage board press
Sep 14, 2018

The train carriage board press can be used to press different flat products, and its application is very extensive. At the same time, with the comprehensive utilization of wood and the application of new industrial plastics and the rapid development of the electronics industry, the train support plate press will show its important role in the national economy.


In the train bracket plate press, its hot pressing system has the characteristics of quick heating and uniform heating. Moreover, the heating system and the heat conduction system are lightly and carefully segmented, with low heat consumption and uniform heat conduction; reasonable mechanism setting, high precision of parts processing, wide adjustment range of process parameters, reasonable control process design, and can meet various veneer production. Process requirements.


The heating temperature can be adjusted according to different production requirements. The train carriage board press has precise temperature control and multi-stage temperature control. The machine uses a touch operation interface to meet the requirements of users in all walks of life. In short, our train bracket plate press equipment has reasonable structure, good performance and reliable operation, which can meet the technical requirements of the products to the utmost extent, and can also re-compose new products according to the special requirements of users.

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