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The space open structure and service life of airplan inner board press
May 04, 2018

During the process of working, the airplan inner board press can be divided into a position mode and a pressure mode. During the operation, the mode is automatically operated in the pressure mode, and the upper mold presses down according to the given pressure value. There is no limit function when pressing, until pressing to the workpiece, press time to rise. When running automatically in position mode, the upper mold presses a given press position and presses down with the maximum pressure value. When pressing down to the set position, positioning fixes the pressure, and the holding pressure time rises.

In the process of operation, the airplan inner board press mainly adopts a four-column three-plate space open structure. During the process of production, it is mainly composed of its Cr8 high-quality carbon structural steel plate, and its moving plate during the operation process. The entire tempering process of the table top and the hydraulic cylinder fixing platen enables the use of high strength rigidity when used.

The internal plate press of the aircraft is effectively subjected to tempering after the tempering treatment. In the process of carrying out the operation, the tantalum processing is mainly performed using its large-scale precision CNC boring machine as a whole. The flatness, parallelism, and verticality of the processing are used. Degree, coaxiality meet the national inspection accuracy standards. Has the effect of tensile wear. The guide sleeve adopts imported high-precision ink bearing to effectively ensure the vertical accuracy of the moving plate and the stability of the pressing down.

The heat-generating plate of the airplan inner board press machine is mainly processed through its real air-conditioning during use, and its surface plating treatment does not deform and rust during long-term use. Its entire device is mainly made of carbon fiber stainless steel. Electric wire buried cast type, with non-oxidation, impact resistance, safe and reliable, rapid heating, long service life and so on.

The aircraft inner plate press can slow down the automatic switching function between slow speed and high speed. During the operation, the surface of the piston rod is subjected to medium frequency quenching and hard chrome plating to ensure the uniformity of surface hardness and friction resistance of the piston rod. The imported seal is adopted. The parts are sealed; the cylinder surface finish is close to the mirror surface, and the verticality and coaxiality of the piston rod and the oil cylinder meet the national inspection accuracy standards.

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