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The use characteristics and design requirements of aluminum honeycomb panel press
Aug 22, 2018

The aluminum honeycomb plate press is conventionally silver-white in the process of production. To a certain extent, it can be set according to the customer. The aluminum honeycomb plate press is mainly made of welding steel and steel plate or channel steel. In the process of use, it is mainly used for pressing and pre-forming of various flat product bonded composite sheets.

Aluminum honeycomb panel press features

1. The aluminum honeycomb panel press is very reasonable and button-operated when designing, and it is easy to learn.

2. The timing control of aluminum honeycomb plate press can set the pressing time according to the production process to a certain extent. When the platen is released automatically, the buzzer will be reminded to save trouble.

3. High-temperature hot-press glue cures faster, and the entire product is formed faster and more efficiently.

4. The pressure plate is made of solid plate to a certain extent, and the oil passage in the plate is processed by deep hole drilling, which has good anti-leakage and pressure resistance performance; the two sides of the pressure plate are finished by surface grinder to ensure the smooth and beautiful product.

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