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The versatility and design and manufacturing requirements of temperature testing press
Aug 23, 2018

The temperature testing press has a complete set of compact and high-rigidity double-column frame during the operation. The precision preloading load is imported into the high-precision ball screw. The temperature test press can automatically recognize the function of high-precision tension and pressure during operation. Two-way load cell, multi-language, unit-switchable digital open-loop or closed-loop controller.

A portable remote control for convenient and quick operation of the temperature testing press, the economical and practical temperature test press. Mainly used to test the quality and manufacturing process of specific products. Single performance, used in general factories. Focus on the versatility of the product, mainly for the R & D department and colleges and universities design and development.

The temperature test press can be designed and manufactured according to the user's requirements. To a certain extent, it will be equipped with an emergency stop button switch, a plate stop stroke limit automatic stop protection switch and a whole machine to surround the drawstring emergency stop switch, which has high safety performance. One year warranty, free lifetime telephone guidance service, free from worries.

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