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Three systems for length loading laminators
Sep 19, 2018

The length loading laminating machine is very good to meet the needs of customers. The machine has high working efficiency, simple operation and great guarantee of product qualification rate. The length loading laminator contains three key systems: temperature control system, electronic control system and safety system.


In the operation of a length-loading laminator, its temperature control system monitors the stencil and automatically adjusts it when the stencil reaches the temperature required for production. The mold temperature machine is connected to each layer of the template to perform continuous cycle heating. Moreover, the mold temperature machine is safe and environmentally friendly, and its performance is stable.


The electronic control system of the length loading laminator is centrally controlled by the PLC, and is equipped with a touch color display and a multi-function menu. The process flow, the injection time, the opening and closing time, the clamping force, each Item setting, safety warning, fault warning and other functions.


At the same time, the safety system of the length loading laminating machine greatly improves the safety of the operation, for example, the photoelectric protection device and the pressing table fixed locking device are arranged on both sides of the main pressing machine to prevent injury caused by mistakes of the operator. Moreover, a fixed protective fence and a ground grille are installed on the upper and lower injection zones of the main press. And both ends of the length loading laminator are equipped with an emergency stop device.

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