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Use and characteristics of HPL plywood laminating machine
Aug 01, 2018

HPL plywood laminating machine is suitable for hot forming of plywood, multi-layer board, veneer, building formwork, bamboo board. The hot pressed slab or the artificial board substrate pasted with decorative paper or natural veneer is loaded into the machine. Semi-finished or finished products after reprocessing, HPL plywood laminating machine is an indispensable equipment for the production of plywood products, and also a key equipment.


It can be seen that the gluing of plywood is a very important part in the production process. The so-called gluing refers to the process of curing the rubber layer under a certain temperature and pressure by using a HPL plywood laminating machine. During this process, the gelatin is gradually solidified, and the molecules of the resin glue are solidified. The polycondensation is gradually formed, and then the macromolecule of the bulk structure is formed.


That is to say, during the operation of the HPL plywood laminating machine, in order to ensure the gluing effect, it is necessary to properly control the three process parameters, namely pressurization, heating and time. Time is required during the gluing process, time is related to temperature, and raising the temperature under certain conditions can shorten the time.

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