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Use and operation of concrete mold panel multi layer press
Dec 13, 2018

When selecting a concrete formwork multi-layer laminator, the first thing to consider is its working area. It is recommended to choose a compatible area, and consider the opening method and appearance. Then it is installed and debugged under the guidance of the manufacturer and enters normal production and use. After the self-test is completed, the concrete formwork multi-layer laminator can enter the working state.

Operation procedure of the concrete formwork laminator: first open the vacuum pump, then check the process parameters, whether the temperature reaches the set value, and then set the device to the automatic state. Next, pay attention to check whether the vacuum pump is short of oil, put the components to be laminated, cover it, check the vacuum, take out the components, and inspect the components. The device enters normal working condition while ensuring that all processes are normal.

After the work of the concrete formwork multi-layer laminator is completed, all the power supplies need to be cut off. To prevent misoperation, the emergency button can be included in the shutdown range. The operation procedure at this time is: close the vacuum pump, close the cover (the cover is not tight), stop heating, cut off the power, press the emergency button, and close the main gate.   

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