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Vertical test and working accuracy of vertical one step impregnation line
Aug 24, 2018

In the case of a vertical one step impregnation line, the uniformity of the amount of dipping and the content of volatile matter of the impregnated material should meet the relevant requirements. Before use, the dry run test is generally performed first. At this time, each lubrication point should be lubricated first. And confirm that the fasteners of the machine are not loose, and the transmission parts are free to run.


Then, the operation test of the vertical one step impregnation line is carried out under the condition of loading load, and it should be noted that it should be stable, reliable and free from abnormal phenomena during the impregnation process. It works reliably under the set process parameters and has stable performance. The whole system is coordinated and reliable, and the control system indicates that the meter is accurate and reliable.


From the practical application point of view, the surface coating thickness of the vertical one step impregnation line should be more than 0.2 mm, the surface roughness should not be lower than Ra0.1, and the surface hardness should also meet the relevant requirements. Moreover, the dynamic balance accuracy level of the metering roller of the vertical one-time impregnator should not be lower than G6.3. In addition, the operating position of the equipment should have safety guards and emergency stop switches.

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