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What are the advantages of alluminum honeycomb board press?
May 31, 2018

For now, alluminum honeycomb board press can mainly use glue and film two processes for production operations. In the course of its operation, the heat-pressing or cold-pressing combined honeycomb boards have good adhesive effect, high flatness, and no deformation. Aluminum honeycomb panel presses are specialized in pressing aluminum honeycomb panels, plastic honeycomb panels, and paper honeycomb panels. The products obtained have the characteristics of light weight, moisture resistance, sturdiness and durability, and no deformation.


In the process of operating the aluminum honeycomb panel press, its uniformity can be ensured in the heat preservation phase, and the temperature difference is small. The main oil cylinder adopts new imported seals, no leakage, and low running resistance. At the same time, the rising speed of the cylinder can also be adjusted as needed. And the user's operation is relatively simple, the system is using PLC programmable control, and with a touch screen, can accurately display and accurately record the temperature, time, pressure and other production process parameters.


From the analysis of the structure, alluminum honeycomb board presses are mainly composed of hot presses, cold presses, and conveyors. The hot plate is made of high-quality carbon structural steel. The surface is finely ground and has high precision, high strength and durability. Moreover, the heating system adopts a carefully segmented design with low energy consumption, uniform heat conduction, adjustable temperature, and uniform heat preservation.


During the operation of the aluminum honeycomb panel press, automatic control is realized. The staff only needs to press the button lightly to automatically complete the entire procedure of the pressure plate lifting, closing, pressurizing, pressure keeping, timing, and pressure plate dropping. Not only greatly improves work efficiency, saves labor costs, but also effectively guarantees product quality.


According to the actual application effect, when using an aluminum honeycomb panel press, it is mainly used for pressing aluminum honeycomb panels and paper honeycomb panels. For different process requirements can be selected according to user needs. Thanks to the advanced technology, the quality of the product obtained is guaranteed, the bonding effect is good, flatness, and no deformation. It is an ideal choice for pressing a new generation of environmentally-friendly materials.

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