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What are the common types of dryers?
Jan 15, 2018

Our country's drying machine market analysis, in my domestic market and even the most important international market drying machine sales, dryer is basically made in China, this shows what, this shows that our national dryer import-oriented era has ended. Although there are difficulties, but in the next few years, China's demand for dryers will make the dryer in the domestic market occupies more than 80%, the following focus to introduce a vacuum dryer.

Dryer according to the operating pressure division can be divided into atmospheric pressure and vacuum dryer two large categories, operating in a vacuum can reduce the humidity of the surrounding space, but also worth mentioning is that it is through the steam pressure to dry quickly, so that the surface of the material become more dry, and dryer can reduce the humidity boiling point, so that the conditions of the body to produce steam become more difficult. However, because the steam can not be distributed out, so the vacuum dryer in the easy oxidation, explosive field, wet and dry separation of the occasion is more suitable for operation. Vacuum dryer has several advantages:

1, the design of the adsorption tower is very beautiful and durable.

2, dryer high efficiency alumina absorbent water dry, it has a large power and the appearance of simple and durable two major characteristics.

3, the dryer can accurately adjust the flow of air. Let the dryer dry matter more accurate, in many substances through the dryer, can accurately control the air flow.

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