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What are the safety protection systems for Synchronization Laminating Press For Flooring
Aug 06, 2018

In order to ensure safe production, it is necessary to set up a corresponding safety protection system for the floor synchronous laminating machine. The protection system of the machine includes protection mainly including lifting action, heating, pressurization and the like. First, a safety door micro switch is installed at the product loading position, and the floor synchronous laminator can be started only after the safety door is closed.


Secondly, in the heating system of the floor synchronous laminating machine, an over-temperature and under-temperature alarm function is specially set. Thirdly, when the sealing head is lowered to the appropriate position, the stroke switch is activated, and the four cylinders are simultaneously operated to lock the cylinder, and at the same time, the four stroke switches are respectively activated, and then the boosting system is turned on to start boosting. In addition, the water pressure gauge itself has a pressure limiting function, and the limit pointer on the dial can be adjusted to determine the pressure limit value range. The alarm bell alarms if it cannot rise to the lower limit of the set value within the specified time or whenever the pressure exceeds the upper limit of the set value.


In addition, in the operation of the floor synchronous laminating machine, there is also a pressure protection function, an overpressure alarm monitored by the meter. When the pressure exceeds the alarm pressure value, the pressure control system automatically relieves pressure, effectively ensuring safety.

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