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What equipment needs to be used when flooring laminating press is used?
Mar 24, 2018

The flooring laminating press is a press that is a floating platen installed between a moving platen and a stationary platen, that is, a press with three or more hot platens. The floor laminator is one of the special production equipments for the chip type multilayer ceramic capacitor. Its function is to apply the principle of uniform pressure transfer in water. By pressurizing the water in the sealed container, a high pressure system is formed for placing in the water. The capacitor bar evenly exerts pressure to make it compact and flat, which meets the requirements of the production process.


When the flooring laminating press is in use, we will find that it will be used in conjunction with a high-speed mixer and a two-roll mill. First of all, the floor laminator will also be referred to as a plastic laminator, which belongs to a special hydraulic press for forming a plastic sheet, or a sheet-shaped substrate and a plastic sheet that is impregnated with a resin and formed into a plate shape. , sticks or other simple shapes.


The floor laminator is composed of a fixed beam, a guide column, a pressure plate, a movable beam, an auxiliary oil cylinder and a main working oil cylinder. When the laminator is working, the material sheet is first placed between the two flat plates, and then the Heating and pressurizing, holding pressure for a certain period of time at the pressing temperature, after which it will be cooled to take out the product. Because there are multiple layers of movable plates between the upper and lower beams, each layer can be put into the material. After pressing, a stack of products will also be obtained at the same time.


With regard to the total force of pressing of the flooring laminating press, in general, it is actually referred to as 10000 kN, 15000 kN, 20000 kN, 30000 kN or more.


The 20,000-kN flooring laminating press is often used, and the movable plate consists of 18-20 layers. The floor laminator feed plate is heated by platen heating. The main heating method of the pressure plate is to include steam heating and electric heating. Steam heating temperature is relatively constant, can pass water to cool, for electric heating heating speed, but cooling is difficult.

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