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Drying Equipment Common Sense
Jan 15, 2018

Common drying machine in China has a common spray dryer, air dryer, fluidized bed dryer, flash dryer, fluidized bed dryer, such as spray granulation. Flash Dryer Spray Drying is one of the most advanced equipment in the drying equipment. The traditional methods of three kinds of atomization: rotary atomization, Pressure atomization and air atomization. Rotary atomization characteristics of a large spray drying capacity (up to 200 tons/hour), will be responsible for easy control, operational flexibility, and wider application. The characteristic of pressure atomization spray drying is that coarse particles can be created for later maintenance. Because the nozzle hole is very small, it is easy to plug, the liquid must be strictly filtered. Nozzle hole easy to wear, wear-resistant materials used. There is also a new nozzle pressure structure called pressure-flow nozzle. It is characterized by nozzle pressure and ambient air gap nozzles. Atomization is divided into two stages: the first form of liquid film pressure nozzle, the film is the second air atomization, thus making more small water droplets. The advantages of this type of nozzle: (1) Adjust the pressure of compressed air, can adjust droplet diameter, simple operation, (2) production, high viscosity liquid, it can atomization droplets fine; 3 If you disable compressed air, the original pressure nozzle can be used. Atomization of the airflow of the laboratory and the main plant in the middle, it's electricity consumption. The first two liquids that cannot be atomized nozzles use an aerial atomizing nozzle. High viscosity paste, paste and filter cake material can be used for atomization of three-fluid nozzles. Drier air flow drying techniques are ripe if the operational data can be directly designed.

Fluidized bed dryer fluidized bed dryer spray dryer. Feeding settings are divided into some fluidized bed dryer mixer and heat transfer fluidized bed dryer. When the unity is easy to use fluidized bed drying, or aggregate the powder material feed more water will flow into the above difficult phenomenon, this time set up the feed mixer to eliminate cluster problems in order to achieve normal flow. The latter is a combination of heat conduction and convection heat transfer, used when the normal flow of hot air is far from enough for the country to meet the required heat-drying use of the set heat exchanger, supply part or most of the heat, which type of operation can greatly save energy. Take various forms of heat exchangers. Fluidized bed drying is also often used in combination of dry secondary and tertiary education. The implementation of the ordinary vibration fluidized bed said, vibrating fluidized bed. There is a flow of vibration source can be divided into two categories: one for the vibration motor Drive, the other for the ordinary motor through the vibration box to produce vibrations, so that spring. Vibration, the size of the bed, the latter better. Fluidized bed Spray granulation dryer process, fluidization technology, atomization technology and dry organic combination of three. It is the atomization of the spray liquid into the fluidized bed of the seed, so the seed continues to grow and dry to reach the required size, time outside the catapult. The device small and large production capacity can create large particles. The industrial application of the equipment has been increasing.