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Product Features Of Fireproof Board Production Line
Jan 15, 2018

First, the structure principle and the specification, the Fireproof board production line design is novel, the structure is reasonable, the operation is smooth, uses the double roller presses the plank, once the molding, the thickness uniformity, the output is high. Equipped with a vibration device to eliminate internal external bubbles, so that the plate more dense, with non-woven fabric as the isolation film, increased toughness and strength. The machine can be adjusted up and down, can produce two to 60 mm thick plate, making the maximum width of 1300 mm, unlimited length, arbitrary thickness adjustment.

Second, the equipment one machine is more use, can produce simulation wood ash Board, Imitation Red (white) Beech Board, Oak plank, fire relief door, dado board ceiling board, wall decoration murals and other products. This production line has the system board machine, the coating glue veneer dryer, the cover light machine grade. In addition, automatic edge cutting machine, mixer for users to choose. There are many models in the production line. Select according to user needs.