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The Advantages Of Dryer
Jan 15, 2018

1, well-designed adsorption tower body

2. High performance Active Alumina adsorbent

3, the effect of a good silencer

4, unique power and durability of the two major characteristics of the imported pneumatic control device

5, can accurately adjust the flow of regenerative gas control valve

According to the heating method, the dryer is divided into convection type, conduction type, radiation type, dielectric type and so on. Convection dryer, also known as direct dryer, is the use of hot drying medium and wet materials direct contact, convection heat transfer, and the resulting steam away; conduction dryer, also known as indirect dryer, it uses conduction mode by the heat source through the metal between the wall to the wet material transfer heat, the resulting wet steam can be used for decompression suction, The method is removed by means of a small amount of purge gas or condensation on the surface of a cryogenic condenser individually set. This kind of dryer does not use the drying medium, the thermal efficiency is high, products are not contaminated, but drying capacity by the metal wall heat transfer area, the structure is also more complex, often in a vacuum operation; The radiant dryer is the use of a variety of radiators emitting a certain wavelength range of electromagnetic waves, the surface of the wet material selectively absorbed into the heat to dry Dielectric dryer is the use of high-frequency electric field, so that the internal heat effect of wet materials drying.