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The Development Of Drying Machine
Jan 15, 2018

The modern dryer began to use the intermittent operation of the fixed-bed dryer. In the 19th century century, the use of the tunnel type dryer marked the development of the dryer from intermittent operation to continuous operation direction. Rotary cylinder Dryer is better to realize the stirring of granular materials, drying capacity and strength can be improved. Some industries have developed to adapt to the industry requirements of the continuous operation of dryers, such as textile, paper industry drum dryer.

In the early 20th century, the dairy production began to apply spray dryer, providing a powerful tool for large-scale drying of liquid materials. In the 40, with the development of fluidization technology, the high strength and productivity of fluidized bed and air dryer appeared successively. The freezing sublimation, radiation and dielectric dryer provide new means to meet the special requirements. 60 * * * began to develop far-infrared and microwave dryer.

For drying operation of many types of machinery, according to operating pressure can be divided into atmospheric pressure and decompression (decompression dryer also known as vacuum dryer). According to the method of operation can be divided into intermittent and continuous. According to the drying medium can be divided into air, flue gas or other drying medium. According to the movement (Material movement and drying medium flow) can be divided into the flow, countercurrent and wrong flow.

According to the operating pressure, drying machine is divided into pressure dryer and vacuum dryer two types, under the vacuum operation can reduce the humidity of the space vapor partial pressure and accelerate the drying process, and can reduce the boiling point and material drying temperature, steam is not easy to vent, so, vacuum dryer suitable for drying heat-sensitive, easy to oxidize, Explosive and toxic materials, as well as wet separation of steam need to be recycled occasions.

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