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The Development Potential Of Desiccant
Jan 15, 2018

The development of dryer also pay attention to energy-saving and energy comprehensive utilization, such as the use of a variety of joint heating methods, transplanting heat pump and heat pipe technology, the development of solar dryers, and the development of automatic control technology to ensure the optimal operating conditions to achieve; In addition, as human beings to environmental protection, Improving the environmental protection measures of dryer to reduce the leakage of dust and exhaust gas will also be the direction of further research.

The present situation and analysis of China dryer equipment market The current needs of the United Nations, conventional drying equipment in the domestic market, as well as major international market drying equipment, are mostly made in China, indicating that the history of import of drying equipment in China has ended. However, there are still some problems and difficulties, according to China General Machinery drying Equipment Industry association predicts that in the next few years, China's demand, the chemical industry will be drying equipment 3000 (sets), pharmaceutical drying equipment, the annual demand will reach 3000 (set) or so; agriculture, forestry, grain, light industry and other industries, such as drying equipment, Annual demand is expected to reach 5000 (set) or so. Drying equipment in the domestic market share has reached more than 80%.