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  • HPL Press Line

    HPL Press Line

    HPL press line consists of loading machine, hot press, unloading machine, removable dolly, vacuum handling, returning device, electric system and hydraulic station. The hot press has advantages of high intension, excellent rigidity, advanced control system, easy operation etc. Main oil cylinders were passed oil pressure (35~40Mpa) tested,
  • CCL Production Line

    CCL Production Line

    DP series CCL Press Line consists of hot press, cold press, movable loader/unloader, loading/unloading shelf, temporary storage shelf, vacuum system, hydraulic system, electrical system and temperature control system.With high precision, good rigidity, advanced control, easy to use, high productivity and so on.
  • PCB Production Line

    PCB Production Line

    DP series laminators use the latest technology in the PCB production line industry's latest solutions; high quality and mature lamination and operating system; flexible production line system, the specific solution can be customized according to customer requirements.
  • Insulation Plate Press

    Insulation Plate Press

    The insulation plate press is the main machine for manufacturing electrically insulating paperboard as the internal insulation of the transformer.
  • Short Cycle Laminating Hot Press

    Short Cycle Laminating Hot Press

    2800 ton heavy duty flooring lamination press is suitable for pressing the V-groove, handscrapd surface texture vivid, such as high-grade flooring.Heavy duty flooring lamination press 1800T is suitable for pressing smooth floor, such as bright surface, matt , pitted skin.
  • Multilayer Synchronization Short Cycle Hot Laminating Press

    Multilayer Synchronization Short Cycle Hot Laminating Press

    The multi-daylight door skin press is mainly used for gloss laminating particle board and ecoplate board.
  • Honeycomb Composite Press

    Honeycomb Composite Press

    High speed train inner board lamination press is specially used for pressing carbon fiber composite board, aluminum honeycomb composite board, plastic honeycomb board, paper honeycomb board and so on. The forming board has high flatness and no deformation.
  • Pressure-temperature-finishing Experiment Press

    Pressure-temperature-finishing Experiment Press

    Constant temperature testing press is mainly used for small size particle board and MDF melamine lamination , mainly serving the paper test of printing factory and impregnating factory.
  • Cold Press Machine

    Cold Press Machine

    The 400~600 ton series of cold presses produced by our company are mainly used for the cold pressing of plywood and the shaping of various glue bonding materials.