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Longititude Loading Lamination Press

Longitude loading lamination press is mainly used for a variety of wood panels laminated with melamine impregnation decorative paper, can be pressed wood flooring, furniture board, door skin.

Longititude Loading Lamination Press Details

 Condition: New
 Type: Hot Press  Machine
 Place of Origin:  Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
 Brand Name: DIPUER
 Model Number:  DP3400
 Voltage: 380V/440V
 Power(W): 160KW
 Dimension(L*W*H):  39000x10000x6000mm
 Weight: 180000kgs
 Certification:  CE,ISO
 Warranty: 12  Months
 After-sales  Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas
 Payment term: TT,  LC
 Delivery date:  Negotiable
 Packing: export  standard
 MOQ: 1 set

Product Introduction

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 Longitudinal feed  can be realized high efficiency.
 Application to the  production of various sizes, for example 4’x8’, 4’x9’, 5’x8’, 6’x8’, 6’x9’, 7’x9’, 6’x12’, 4’x16’.

Longititude Loading Lamination Press Application:
 Longitude  loading lamination press is mainly used for  a variety of wood panels laminated with melamine impregnation decorative paper,  can be pressed wood flooring, furniture board, door skin.

Longititude Loading Lamination Press Characteristics
 1. A short  pre-running time, press to achieve rapid closure and pressure.
 2. Adopt one-piece  sandwich board and swing suction plate device, loader and unloader plates  synchronized simultaneously.
 3. Stable and fast  operation flow, suitable paper, the maximum output 12 120pcs/h.
 4. Labor  streamlining, one person can operate the whole production line.
 5. High quality  finished product, meet the production requirement of high-grade furniture or  flooring.

Longititude Loading Lamination Press Working Principle
 Heating system
 Heating system:  Thermal Oil Tank, burner, circulating pump, temperature-control valve etc.Check  whether the thermal oil is sufficient before starting, to achieve the purpose  of circulation and control the air not into the system;Before starting the  pump, the pump should have sufficient oil to prevent damage to the bearing and  the mechanical seal. Close the drain valve. Slowly open the drain valve when  the motor speed is normal. Turn off the heating source before turning off the  heating system, until the oil temperature is cooled to about 50 ℃ then stop the  circulation pump, otherwise the heat can not be quickly converted which will  cause equipment damage.

Hydraulic system
 Hydraulic system:  Mainly consists of hydraulic station. The system has an accumulator, which can  control hydraulic pressure based on the oil pressure generated by motor and the  valve. The pressing speed needs to be adjusted aperiodically according to the  condition of usage.

Thermal oil and secondary circulation system:
 Mainly adopts  précised temperature- controlling of thermal oil second circulation inside the  pipelines.In this process the first temperature is controlled by the thermal  oil, second temperature is controlled by temperature valve. If the second  temperature is not enough, supply additional thermal oil.

Hydraulic oil cooling system
 The system is an  independent strong refrigeration method. It consists of refrigeration system,  oil circuit system and control system.The oil pump runs firstly, so that the  oil in the oil system is constantly circulating through the plate heat  exchanger as the evaporator of the refrigeration system. Meanwhile, the digital  temperature controller will detect the oil temperature. When the temperature of  the detected oil is higher than the current temperature on digital control +  tolerance temperature, the refrigeration system starts to work, to lower down  the high temperature, achieve the purpose of cooling the oil.

Temperature control system
 The temperature of  upper and down press plates is controlled by adjusting the temperature control  valve.


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 Our Company


 Jiangsu Dipu  Industrial Co. Ltd., is more than 15 years old now, As the Brand of “Dipuer”  came into being, she is well-known consultancy firm in basic woodworking  machinery, she presents full solution of high grade melamine impregnation line,  full automatic short cycle laminating press, high pressure laminating press  from A to Z, filled all equipment in operating plant. With these experience and  rich know-how in wooden industry, we step into manufacturing in the year of  2008. In the past 10years, we have supplied more than 60line of melamine  impregnation, over 80line of short cycle laminating press, 15lines of hpl in  the market out of china, high reputation gained from Middle East, North Africa,  South America and pan-Russia area.

Our Customers

 Our Service
 Our Service philosophy:
 Serve the client’s service
 “Customer, the first”, to meet their needs in deed, is our continuous  destination in service. Dipu has best-trained service crew, providing  well-established network service for customers. Customer have multi  options  according to their needs,  solution of troubleshooting, on-line monitoring and control, on-site  maintenance, our special policy improves operation rate, maximizing the  production runs.
 Our service includes:
 Equipment installation and Commissioning:
 Guiding  installation on site, assure installation accuracy; After commissioning, run  the equipment with material to reach production capability, achieve stable  operation rate; maximize the production ability by optimized adjustment.
 Consulting and Technical Support:
 By Calling E-mail  or any other method, quickly response and diagnose the troubleshooting and  problems; on-site maintenance; training service.
 Remote control Support:
 By connecting to  the HMI and PLC control system (option) on site, achieve assisting customer to  deal with the emergency on site, help customer to check and optimize program.
 Technology Upgrading:
 According to  customized needs or equipment updating needs, by new technology, new product,  new equipment and system optimizing, upgrade the existing equipment(such as  improve working speed, increase production capability)
 Spare Parts:
 Dipuer provide  full spare parts and wearing parts, can quickly send out them to customer in  time and guarantee the quality.

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